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About Modern Pivot Doors

Welcome to Custom Home Window & Door. Truly the statement "The Art of Living in Luxury" fits you, the high end clientele that we do business with.

Custom Home Window & Door is a material supplier and distributes products from Western Window Systems, Jeld-Wen Windows & Doors, Arcadia Systems, Doors in Motion, and California Skylines.

In addition, Custom Home Window & Door manufacturers and distributes a very large and luxuries pivoting door system (click the menu option Doors on the menu to the left).

This pivoting door is the highlight of what we offering for it's splendid design and sizes.





Custom Home Window and Door, Inc. is owned and operated by Rick Salter. Mr. Salter has been in the glass business for over 30 years. During this period, he has been involved in the design of a number of window and door systems, as well as glass railings, and skylights.




The custom pivoting door has evolved over the last 30 years; however, 3 basic features remain unchanged.

  1. High quality components with wall thicknesses to support required spans and to maintain a rigid and stable door panel.

  2. Hydraulic operation to control speed and assure safe operation of product.

  3. Custom pivots that allow for weight balance and distribution for smooth operation.

Additional features that we have incorporated into our product are primary and secondary seals for head, sill, and jambs. These seals ensure a weather-tight installation.

Component profiles are available in various heights and can be designed to be uniform for all 4 sides or can be designed to have an oversized bottom rail as might be selected by the owner or architect.

Lock options vary from a standard heavy duty hook bolt lock with a full-sized key cylinder exterior and thumb turn interior to various electric strike releases that can be connected to a button or interfaced to a home automation system.

Our custom pivoting door is designed to receive ½” thick glass or 1” insulated glass units. Many glass choices and patterns are available.